03 September 2004

And So It Begins.


Bush opens a double-digit lead on Kerry...we felt this coming in the air, and its quite a nice bounce for Bushie in these times when the undecided block is relatively miniscule. Ahh, as the race was once called (by Zogby) "Kerry's to lose" now it is Bush's to lose. He can only lose now by fouling something up dramatically. Not a time to celebrate victory...we'll save that for the evening of November 2nd. But Bush is up, and Kerry is down...and doesn't exactly look like he's got much ammo left to hurl at the incumbent. That's the problem...the ammo is spent, and Bush just waited in his political foxhole...he survived the onslaught of political and personal attacks levelled at him, and that's the key...by not getting into a tit-for-tat exchange with Kerry he seems to be excelling and getting into gear as we approach the last two months of the campaign. We are eight weeks out, my friends...that's still a lot of time but we are picking up steam at just the right moment. Forgive me for this moment of schadenfreude, but seeing the hate-filled libs faced with an uncontestable and resounding reelection of Dubya, and all of the anguish and trauma that will certainly subject them to, brings a bit of a guilty grin to my face. We will see in November what the American people really think, and if all continues to go well, the Democrats will have to face the torturous reality that they do not represent the common man in America.

When Brian Boitano travelled through time to the year 3010, he fought the evil robot king and saved the human race again...ahhh, pearls of wisdom from Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

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