02 August 2009

In my continuing quest to put off the Asia/Yes concert review blog post that I fully intend to do, I thought I'd post a pic of our dinner tonight.

Tonight I cooked what might be classed as sort of Norwegian food. Sirloin steak seasoned with juniper, fennel, salt and pepper, seared and grilled over charcoal to medium rare, then topped with a unique sauce of beef stock, flour, juniper berries, salt, pepper, sour cream, akvavit, and last but not least, Norwegian gjetost cheese. This is a delightful cheese made by boiling the milk until it caramelizes, for a sort of sweet brown goat cheese.

Plated up, we've got the steak with gjetost sauce, boiled potatoes with fresh dill and butter, lingonberries, and a few slices of extra gjetost. Accompanying, the only aquavit I could find locally at this time, a pretty straight-ahead caraway-to-the-forefront akvavit from Aalborg in Denmark. Delicious, regardless.