31 August 2004

Another boredom post. Politics of late has not exactly become of less interest or importance to me, but my exhortations to the masses have seemed of lesser consequence, definately. Thus I wistfully relenquish my mandate of shedding glorious truth-revealing light upon the fallacious doctrines of Leftism, thus exposing its evils unto the sprawling proletariat of this great nation.

Words such as "forsooth" do not get used often enough. Curs├ęd public education!

Looks like the Swift Boat Vets have done their duty...ironically, they are once again putting themselves in harm's way (at least, in the crosshairs of a litigious and extremely hostile liberal establishment) to keep our country safe (by preventing a certain pseudo-Frenchie from causing the United States to lose the war against militant Islam).

OK, so I did revert to politics. Sue me. Yeah, John Edwards, sue me, you pansy ambulance-chasing swine. How in the world did a living, breathing Lionel Hutz clone get nominated by a major political party to the second highest office of our country?

What Would Brian Boitano Do? He'd make a plan and he'd follow through...that's what Brian Boitano would do.

I'm feeling a smattering of Eustace welling up within me. It may be time to take a trip...to Funkytown.

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