14 September 2004

Ohh, I am giddy as a schoolboy today, mis amigos, at the unfolding absurdity going on at CBS News. Death knells for the Kerry campaign if the spaghetti hits the fan. And it just might.

I hope you all have been watching this unfurl, because it is mesmerizing, a tooth-and-nail fight between the Old Media and the New Media. The Old Media, vanguarded by Dan "Stinkypants" Rather (his college nickname) and CBS, has been caught by the throat, yet refuses to yield. Cheers for the bloggers who blew the whistle, brilliant analysis. My favorite part of all this, though, is the conjecture of the source. Many believe the source of the forgeries is the Kerry campaign. If this is confirmed, goodbye John-John, you will join the ranks of Mondale and Dukakis. The crazier conjecture, put forth by reporters undoubtedly clinging to hope, is that KARL ROVE (!!!) created these and fed them to the DNC. Its just crazy enough to be brilliant, and I would be almost pleased to know we have such clever if absolutely insane people on our team, but give me a break! The idea was good for a laugh in any case. Rove must also be behind Sept 11th!!! And AIDS!!!

Anyway, if we wrestle the source of these forgeries out of CBS, which is a tough job, and it is a Kerry or DNC affiliate...then I can drink my celebratory Hine Triomphe now instead of election night, because its officially over. I really wouldn't mind seeing the polls jump up another 10 points for Bush. We're really quite close to Nov 2! Less than two months, folks. Kerry's modern day PCF 94 is shot full of holes and he looks to be going down with the ship.

In other news, I played my Fender Jazz Bass the other day, I've had it loaned out and I've missed it. Ooooweee baby you set my soul on FIRE...that's why I know you are my only desire... Sorry, it was just so groove-tastic, my friends, that I had to interject some Stevie Wonder. Something about a Jazz Bass, the grooves just pour out. Smooth, sophisticated, rich. Oh yes, I can dig it. Man, Eustace is filtering over here or something. But seriously, playing bass is an enriching experience. Even when playing the most soulless, linguine-spined, whiteboy music...you can commandeer the groove, put some motion into it. Yes, I love the bass...

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