21 September 2004

Oh, how the Mighty have fallen, my friends. CBS sends in its bomb-defusing squad a good long week after Rathergate detonated. It's too late, guys, sorry. You've nixed your credibility...so long, you self-important dinosaurs of the previous journalism age. Long live the dynamic, populist power of the blogosphere.

I'm thinking tentatvely of actually getting involved locally...I've been to many local GOP leadership meetings at the behest of future President Talbert, but I'm pondering attending a UMKC College Republicans meeting. Not that I'm ever on campus anymore, but hey, why not, I am a student after all.

And yes...though I've not mentioned it before, I finally purchased my car. It is a beauty, a stunning emerald green 2001 Mazda Miata LS, leather interior, tan ragtop, 6-speed transmission, Bose sound system, optional rear spoiler...it is my baby. I love it more than I thought I could love a car. Which isn't all that much admittedly (no, I'm not auto-obsessed), but still, I do think it is about as awesome as a car in my price range could be. Ohhh that suspension, crisp, rigid, and responsive...the car fits like a glove, and responds with an almost telepathic sensitivity as we carve through the serpentine roads, the crisp September air rushing past and the lusty growl of the engine...music to my ears. Did I mention it is beautiful? Anyway, for all who have not experienced the luxury that is a roadster, Miatas are highly recommended. Zoom-zoom.

I should be in marketing, really. I want a car that is "powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a Nerf ball". Oh, Homer, what have I become?

And yes...this makes the idea of a baby grand seem distant and unreachable. Ehh, VSTi's are ridiculously cheaper, more flexible, and generally better-sounding too. They just lack the romance...no strings vibrating, none of that subtle interplay and sympathetic resonation. But who cares. Rather, who cares enough to warrant the price. Not me, at least, not at this point.

Almost finished with Coulter's book...it is a masterpiece, gents, and don't you forget it. Buy it or procure a copy from your local library, I must insist. As a young man (if only in a literal sense) I am amazed to think of what we have been taught about Joe McCarthy. It's the ultimate payback of the comsymp liberals he exposed...a true revisionist hitjob. I daresay, not even comsymps...actual Soviet agents paid by the Kremlin.

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Anonymous said...

Local GOP meetings? Why have I not been informed of these? Ring me sometime, or maybe I'll just see you at the concert tomorrow night. Your car sounds nice. Any advice for a fellow thinking about an upgrade?