26 November 2008

If I had my druthers...

Druther druther druther.

And still this is probably in the upper percentile of worthwhile blog posts in the universe today.

21 November 2008

I've been mercilessly skewered.

But the biggest role that Jazz plays in white culture is in the white fantasy of leisure. All white people believe that they prefer listening to jazz over watching television. This is not true. Every few a months, a white person will put on some Jazz and pour themselves a glass of wine or scotch and tell themselves how nice it is. Then they will get bored and watch television or write emails to other white people about how nice it was to listen to Jazz at home. "Last night, I poured myself a glass of Shiraz and put Charlie Parker on the Bose. It was so relaxing, I wish I had a fireplace."
I considered digging through the backlog of my blog and citing examples of the above, but the exercise would simply be too humiliating. Also:

Along with Jazz, white people have also taken quite a shine to The Blues, an art form that captured the pain of the black experience in America. Then, in the 1960s, a bunch of British bands started to play their own version of the music and white people have been loving it ever since. It makes sense considering that the British were the ones who created The Blues in the 17th Century.
Likewise, all over my blog. Can I help it that Bruce/Clapton/Baker tore it up?

11 November 2008

07 November 2008

Over 5 years ago you were informed of the slated release date for "Eustace Lufgren Welcomes You to Funkytown". Fall 2007, Fall 2008, does it really matter? Eustace has delivered.

Eustace Lufgren Welcomes You to Funkytown

1. Gorgonzola

2. Dance of the Glitterati

3. Romani Ite Domum

4. Naught but an Skelington

5. Tears in Eastchester