15 September 2004

Ladies and Gents,

Here is my reasoning why we should be even more optimistic than the polls suggest. The key issue is not what the American people think in general, it is who is going to actually vote, and what they think. The Republicans of this country are riding high after a fiery convention, and are extremely optimistic, and they love their guy. The Democrats are demoralised, and are united much less in support of Kerry, whom they generally dislike, than in hatred for Bush. Few Democrats want to go to the polls this year because they love John Kerry, because he's their guy. They view this election as a bitter contest between Bush and Anybody-But-Bush. Hate for Bush will prove to be much less motivating for people to head to the polls than support for a candidate. Look at it this way...Demos are kind of depressed about this election, because they don't particularly like either choice. Would you rather go to the polls to choose between a candidate you really liked and one you didn't, or two candidates you disliked, albeit one more than the other? Republicans are excited to cast a vote for George Bush. There's excitement there. Democrats...at least those Democrats who have been paying attention...see their candidate and are quietly remorseful of their choice. Everyone knows Kerry is a schmuck...we expect that of politicians anyway, so its no big surprise, but you KNOW they are longing for the days of the charming, engaging schmuck...but soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Bill Clinton is the sun! Dream on, Demos.

Reading Coulter's book "Treason". Excellent book I must say, three cheers for Whittaker Chambers and Joe McCarthy. The book is a resounding success of truth in the face of liberal revisionism.

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