09 September 2004

The Great Bear Awakens

I'm somewhat surprised at myself for leaving this topic untouched...the Beslan hostage crisis. I find it stunning that our media will refer to these cowardly dogs unfit for staining the blades of our bayonets with their rancid, pale, venemous blood as "Chechan rebels", just as the murderous, hate-filled terrorists in Iraq are now known as "militants". Wow, that first bit was good, Michael Savage would be proud. These vermin who would shoot a young, innocent child in the back like an animal... Well, suffice to say that I am excited and grateful to hear that the Russian government has not lapsed into the fearful and ineffective tactic of concessions. These are people who don't care about political correctness or how nice people in the world think their country is...they care about killing the bastards who did this and those that would do it again. Thank goodness we now have an ally, perhaps an ally we've not always been too chummy with (that's for sure), but at least another country united in our resolve to fight this doctrine of Islamic facism and terrorism, and vanquish it and its murderous adherents from the face of the Earth. I must confess, I am thrilled to see a resolved Russia now ready to fight terrorism, infinitely moreso than had France or Germany done such an about-face. Those two countries are irrelevant, and they haven't had a serious military in almost 60 years, unless you count our boys stationed over there to protect them from the now-defunct Red Army. So piss on France and Germany (you didn't think I could get any more elegant in my word selection, did you?). Besides with the current demographic trends, France may be a hardline Islamist state in 20 years!

The Russians bitterly remember the tooth-and-nail fighting in Afghanistan...perhaps they will put their experience to good use. There are certainly a lot of ex-Soviet "-stans" over there that could use a little policing and watching over. The Russians certainly aren't as averse to harshness and sacrifice as the average soft-bellied American is. Seeing Russian troops fighting alongside American troops would be quite a sight, admittedly! Last time that happened they had Berlin between them.

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