07 September 2004

Simple, plain Clarence...I do love thee so, that I shall shortly send thy soul to heaven...if heaven will take the present at our hands...

Pardon me, the Bard has these rantings (or in the words of a certain Dane, "Words, words, words!") bouncing around me head.

No longwinded rants today, nor any great insights...just a simple note of gratitude for the President's recent political comeback. I'd like to also mention that my "schadenfreude" as previously mentioned is not something I experience concerning all Democrats...only the extremely hostile and hateful variety who have been hurling screed after venemous screed at Bush since the 2000 elections. To those more moderate and reasonable Democrats (Zell Miller?) I offer this consolation, though it may seem no consolation indeed at this time. Perhaps as time waxes onward and the eye of history looks back unclouded by the heady times we are all caught up in, we will see perhaps that we were better off with Bush at the helm...beyond political reasonings and party doctrine, but simply just for the sake of our country. Perhaps not, though. Time will judge more wisely than any editorialist or commentator could. Above the political fray and the power struggles there is a fundamental question: how do we protect Americans from Islamic radicals around the world, bent on killing every one of us whatever it takes? I hope pick the right choice, because seriously folks...God forbid that it would take a mushroom cloud over Kansas City (or any other city) to get us to take this war seriously. Just taking that as an example...my wife and I would be vaporized, along with the majority of our friends and family. Millions, possibly billions dead. You have to accept this as a possible threat...they have the will to do it and are working damn hard to achieve the means to do it. If you live in denial of the threat of nuclear terrorism you will never be able to fight it and prevent it. And then there is Kerry's stumping mantra of "jobs, jobs, jobs"? Could you pick a more irrelevant campaign issue???

There are those who would accuse me, and others who raise topics such as these, of "fear-mongering." Just as they would have accused a pre-9/11 whistleblower of the same thing. You bet your sorry ass it's fear-mongering...it wouldn't hurt to foster a little concern among a sedate and comfortable people, who are fast lapsing into denial concerning terrorism, as the painful reality of 9/11 fades into a more distant memory. How much better that they would wake up a little and that fear would motivate them to take precautions concerning our security, than to have an unprecedented slaughter of our people (via a suitcase nuke, a virus strain, whatever) be required to jar us into action.

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scottpowers said...

So much spiritual application to all that...a more serious and deadly war rages around us daily, but American Christians contentedly go about suburbian life satisfying disgusting IKEA instincts while thousands daily die and spend an eternity in hell.

That damnable Laodicean disease that has so infected my life.