28 September 2004

As a deeply devoted "South Parkateer" and a longtime fan of the original "Thunderbirds" series, I must say I wait with bated breath for the launch of "Team America: World Police":


Who better than Matt Stone and Trey Parker to simultaneously humanize and immortalize brutal despots? First Saddam Hussein...who made his most notable performance in "South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut". Now, the eminently lovable and idiosyncratic Kim Jong Il, better known as "that little pot-bellied dictator from North Korea", will be forever sealed in our minds as a small wooden puppet. From the snippets I've seen...I'm going to love this movie. Hopefully they stay within the bounds of at least some semblance of taste, but what can I even hope for from these guys? Probably not that.

For all the popularity of emo crap and 80's rehash poprock on the local scene, I feel sometimes like heading back to my roots. Listening to Chicago Transit Authority and Led Zeppelin II seem to confirm it. That's the kind of music I was born to play. I am, after all, my father's son.

Oh man, I am going to need a bigger amp.

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