23 September 2004

Hats Off To Jocelyn Elders

The loopy dingbat Surgeon General of the early Clinton years, I had all but forgotten Ms. Elders. This morning I stumbled across a portion of tape I had made probably some ten years ago of some of her more batty remarks. This woman was a true comedienne, she was talented...along the lines of Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf (individuals who claim to be serious, but are so insanely funny it is hard to believe that they are). Imagine a cross between a zestful inner-city preacher and Nurse Diesel from Mel Brooks' High Anxiety, and that's the ever beloved Jocelyn Elders. I can't even describe the things she said...it would not do her justice. It was the way she spoke, her diction. You were fantabulous, Jocelyn, we remain your devoted fans whereever you are.

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