19 May 2009

So my wife, for a preemptive and utterly awesome Father's Day gift, suggests tickets, in June, to one of the High Council Groovemasters of the Known World, playing at Starlight Theatre. I've since been checking out a bit more of his albums, and from Talking Book, I've had this in my head walking home from work:

Stevie Wonder - Tuesday Heartbreak

I am fully prepared, mind you, to see a huge banner of our sitting President unfurled to the strains of "Isn't He Lovely". One is generally prepared to accommodate such ridiculosity for the sake of such funkilious groovicitude.

01 May 2009

Of the many musical excesses of the Eighties, this one I find particularly wonderful and amusing. Steve Howe, particularly as he goes into his solo at about the three minute mark, is probably one of the greatest and most creative guitarists to do such cheesy claptrap. But he does it so well. When 99% of other guitarists would do power chords, Howe does arpeggios.

Yes and Asia will share a stage this July in KC. Will have to see it...Howe playing guitar for both. To give you a perspective on the contrast...