27 February 2004

Racism anyone?

This is about as vile as it gets. Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida has shown her true colours. A word of advice...always reserve a bit of caution for people who are quick to dispense the race card. Often that stems from bitterly racist sentiments of their own. Imagine if Bush had said of any two ethnic groups, "they all look the same to me". Or any prominent Republican for that matter. He would be flayed alive by minority organizations. My question is, where are the Latino groups shouting outrage at this? And where are the caucasian groups? Oh...that's right...there aren't any. Perhaps I should start a group for we Dutch Americans. Keep the culture alive! Fight REPRESSION! BRING ON THE WOODEN SHOES, SMOKED GOUDA, FAMOUS PAINTERS, TULIP FIELDS, AND WINDMILLS!!!

It is Friday...do I even need to mention Krauthammer? It should be assumed that you have already visited and read his regularly brilliant column. If not, stop reading this prosaic vomit and go read it.

The Missouri Supreme Court has upheld the Legislature's Right-to-Carry law. Good news...and me with less than 6 months until my twenty-third birthday. Right now my only handgun is a Ruger .22 auto...a fine piece but not a self-defence weapon by any stretch. My wife has a lovely old S&W 38 Special snubnose...I have yet to fire it, but that remains the "bedroom gun" (Note to all you would-be intruders: I also have a loaded 1918 Lee-Enfield rifle in my bedroom complete with bayonet...trespassers in the house will be perforated with .303" holes). Actually I could wax on about the elegance, power, and beauty of that fine 86-year-old British rifle, but I should spare you all my gun-talk. What surprises me is that I haven't yet even chattered about guitars on here! But should Jackson County get in-line with the Right-To-Carry law (currently postponed because of funding issues), I might be in the market for a powerful personal handgun. I probably should stay away from the less-than-subtle Desert Eagle, though having a 50 cal handgun has got to be a little fun. More than likely, something in 44 Mag or 45 Long Colt is in my future. Revolvers are simpler and more trustworthy, anyway. I'd go for a 1911, but I've heard they are somewhat dangerous and unreliable...it has a reputation for going off prematurely if dropped or struck. But it does have stopping power!

Anyone who wants to have a custom guitar or bass built for them, let me know. Actually visit the following site:

NeufTone Custom Guitars

23 February 2004

Curses. This bites...I remember my youthful dreams of graduating West Point, in hopes of eventually commanding a squadron of RAH-66 Comanches...Silent, Hovering Death.

Comanche Cancellation

Here's another thought for you. What is a hate crime? Comparing a "standard crime" to a "hate crime", the actions could potentially be identical (a murder, or a robbery, or an assault). However, if it is a hate crime, there is an additional element...what you think. Yes my friends, don't tell me there isn't Thought Crime in America. If the Government deems your thoughts criminal, you may be punished for them. Currently, the punishment is only enacted when a corresponding felony is committed along with the Thought Crime, but it does appear we are closer to an Orwellian state than we realise. Would to God we would think a little more in depth about such things. Hate crime legislation sounds pleasant, just, and fair...but do we realise how innately immoral it is to punish what simply are, for lack of more complex terminology, thoughts and opinions?

20 February 2004

Wes Pruden has a scathing yet uproarious article online, it'd do you all well to read it. You've got to adore those French people! "The Little Stepsister of All Battles" indeed...

I find myself distancing from Our Dearest Bushie. His domestic spending is repugnant pandering, and either he is not what we thought he was, or he far too governed by ill-advised advisors. If the Lord spares him political ruin, maybe he will fear the electorate a little less next term, and right the injustices and wrongs he has committed this term. Down with the entitlements and wasteful spending! NASA, the military, and intelligence are about the only spending I approve of at the federal level right now...especially as my wife and I are hit with a $4000 tax bill. I don't want to work extra hard over the next few months so some pretentious postmodern artist-hack living in downtown New York gets his National Endowment for the Arts grant, to redecorate his bloody living room. I want this money to purchase napalm, cluster bombs, and landmines!

Ahh, the weekend. Almost here. Oh and disregard my invitation to post...I was unaware that Blogger did not allow such a thing. Heh...looks like you get to just shut-yer-face-and-listen.

19 February 2004

Welcome mis amigos.

As I bow to the pressure of maintaining the supreme funktitude of the inimitable "Eustace Lufgren's Funky Diatribe" whilst still having an outlet for less funky ponderings, I create a more open, decidedly less funky place for my prattle.

This will be a site for full-fledged ravings, political discourse, and random thoughts. Yes, I seem to have the classic over-inflated ego of the Blog Generation...that random thoughts in my head somehow are worthwhile for you all to read. ???

You are welcome to stay and post folks.

But do not neglect His Royal Funkiness.