04 May 2004

Swift Boat Veterans For Justice

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Interesting to find a majority of the officers who served with Kerry would openly disapprove of his presidential bid. Kerry, ever eager to shed the liberal stigma of his Senate and post-Vietnam career, is campaigning on the basis of a few months he spent in Southeast Asia. Apparently not all of his comrades held him in as high of a regard as his campaign likes to portray.

I still find it amazing how he trumpets his service in war...like no other veteran I've known. There is honour in what he did, but not in what he has done since. In 1996, was Bob Dole chattering non-stop about his heroics fighting the Nazis? Read about it here. Or in 1992, with George Senior, was it ALL WWII ALL THE TIME? His story is here. I do not think honour is a permanent thing, it can be annulled by further action. Kerry served honourably as did thousands and thousands of men, many of whom I know personally. His treasonous Jane Fonda style actions post-Vietnam, as well as his shameless capitalization on his Vietnam record for political gain, abate what honour he earned, in my book.

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