14 May 2004

Condi Makes a Good Point

Jihadis the modern-day Klansmen? An interesting proposition, and one the Lefties, who have long tried to paint themselves as the polar opposites of sheet-wearing cretins (somewhat at odds with history, given a traditional opposition to civil rights in the Democratic Party)(also consider the man and the party behind the Emancipation Proclamation), will not readily accept. The Left is attempting to paint the Jihadis as someone we must understand, tolerate, and make peace with, and for God's sake, not offend! In the words of a rather coarse foreign exchange student friend of mine, "joda la calle arabe!"

Dr. Rice is absurdly qualified, a prime example of someone getting where they are by merit. The liberals should love her, a self-made minority woman who has achieved more than most anyone in spite of fierce challenges. But they hate her, they call her a liar and a slut, they reserve their coarsest derision for such a woman...because of what she represents...that skin colour in and of itself means nothing. Its just circumstance.

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