14 May 2004

One more post for today, my friends. Read an article detailing some of the exploits of a few of the miscreants at Abu Ghraib (no, not the inmates, the miscreants guarding them).

Swift military justice is what we need here...a swift court-martial and a firing squad. Make it public that we are not afraid to shed our own blood, that we do not view our blood as exclusively sacred. Years ago, it was taken for granted that men were hung for simply running away from battle. Nowadays we have perversion and violence in our ranks that will cost us dearly in lives; let us not be unduly concerned about "fair trials". These are military men and women. They are subject to a different code of honour, and different justice. Let them pay for their criminal behaviour with their own blood. How else could we hope to gain any respect from even the moderate Moslems?

String these bastards up in the streets, let our people know what we will and will not tolerate, and let their people know we are a nation of integrity who deals with its own problems.

Such negativity is really in need of an emoticon or something. :D :D :D :D :D

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