21 May 2004

Sweet Jiminy Crockett!


Good grief, a tax that I agree with???!!! It makes perfect sense as he explains it. Either Krauthammer is just a brilliant wordsmith who can sweet-talk an old hardcore conservative into anything, or this is a really good idea (something I'd rarely say about a tax increase!).

Seriously, this is very highly recommended reading. Especially this bit, my friends:

"The low oil prices of the '80s and '90s gave us an epidemic of gas-guzzling tanks on wheels. Americans have every right to shop for groceries in vehicles built for hunting elephants, but then they should stop whining about the inevitable oil price crunch that follows. Especially when they drive their SUVs to environmental rallies to prohibit drilling in the largest untapped oilfield in North America because of an exquisite sensitivity for the mating habits of Arctic caribou."

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