24 May 2004

Liberal Compassion

Showing his true colours...a haughty, arrogant, condescending, rich Massachusetts lib. What a pansy...he loses it on a street, whereas Bush was out on a 17 mile mountain bike path. Big difference. Of course, I don't bike at all, so, oh well!

As a side note, its a shame that a few degenerate miscreants who somehow managed to get into our uniforms cast this unsightly and dishonest image of American soldiers...and also, its quite a shame that the brunt of this has been inappropriately laid on the shoulders of a courageous, noble man with an impeccable record of serving his country. Even for those who don't buy into the Leftmedia's lies, Donald Rumsfeld is too closely identified with these hideous travesties to line up for 2008...but then again, he never was the type. Condi 2008? vs Hillary???

As for the abuse scandals, I have always been halfway on this. Part of me knows these abuses are nothing to cry over. Scaring, shaming, or even mildly beating captured Jihadis is fine with me. These are men hellbent on our collective death, and to save lives we might have to rough them up a bit. I understand the soldiers desire for revenge. Many of these men probably shot or shot at American soldiers. They see their comrades dying in the streets...all of this while we try to establish peace and restore their country with historically rare altruism...and there are few words of thanks, only sniper bullets, bombs, demonstrations, and hatred. I understand their desires to hurt these men.

However, the perversions, especially between soldiers and the gleeful and undisciplined revelry in such things, should be fiercely punished. Drag these reprobates into the street and execute them...show the world that American blood is not so rich in value that we would not spill it ourselves for the cause of justice.

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