17 May 2004

Could It Be?

Could this be the first insurgent attack on US troops that the media is reluctant to show???!!! Hmmm...an artillery shell packed with a nerve agent used in an attempt to bomb a US convoy. Well, Ted Kennedy, there's your answer...a bona fide weapon of mass destruction. You're lucky it didn't end up in your office mail; although no intelligent jihadi would dare bomb such a valuable ally. Besides, he's working on becoming a casualty of chemical warfare anyway; as far as vodka goes he's our very own weapon of mass consumption. Badump-bump ching.

I leave you with the wisdom of Thomas Sowell:

"No one in World War II demanded that President Roosevelt present them with a timetable for the end of the war, much less for when our military occupation would end in Europe. Nor did anyone demand to know how much the war would cost in dollars and cents. But the maturity to think beyond the moment has apparently become far more scarce today than it was in the days of the greatest generation. Will future historians call us the childish generation? How much today's childishness will cost this country in the long run only the future will tell - and it may tell in blood."

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