02 May 2004

Breaker Morant

This movie is highly, highly recommended to you all. It's a somewhat unknown Australian movie from around when I was born, but its a brilliant work, something to let one's mind chew on in this time of war. Like anyone else I was disgusted by the prison abuses perpetuated by our soldiers here recently, but thinking of the court-martial of these reservists to shield the Army from the blame...it did add some "food for thought". This is one of my favorite movies I've seen and it brings to light some very pertinent concepts most civilians never consider when passing judgement on soldiers. So many quotes I could paraphrase, but suffice to say, the tragedies of war are not committed by abnormal men, but by normal men under abnormal circumstances. Like the English empire at the end of the 19th Century, we desire a clean, fair, gentleman's war. I'm afraid they do not exist. Watch this movie in context of current affairs, and I believe you'll find it valuable to reflect upon. Besides, its just a smashing good movie! Brilliant writing and acting...and all the Lee Enfields you could want!!!

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