30 May 2004

Something on Memorial Day to think about.

Christ came down from heaven, where he had everything, and all power. He humbled himself and gave his own life to give us freedom from sin. When we look at our history, consider the soldiers who likewise gave up so much to bring freedom to others. Our Minutemen died to found our free country and give us freedom. Our soldiers stained the fields of the South with their blood to bring freedom to the enslaved. The French were liberated not once, but twice. Men unthreatened by fascism and living comfortably in the US gave up their comfort and their lives to bring freedom and peace to others. Likewise, in this war against militant Islam, men are leaving the most prosperous nation on Earth...even the most humble American soldier has given up a lifestyle of what the world would see as luxury and affluence. They go to fight and die in a strange land for people who sometimes are grateful, and sometimes are not. The price of freedom is exacted in blood, sadly, and we would do well to be grateful. As a speaker at my church noted recently, it is not the media moguls and news anchors who give us freedom of the press, nor the anti-war activists who give us freedom of assembly, nor the "courageous" dissenting Hollywood elites who give us freedom of speech. It is the soldier...the one who goes and gives his life, literally or metaphorically, to serve and protect our nation, our people. All this without a voice, without reporters licking their boots for a soundbyte, without a great deal of individual care or concern for them. They do it because it is right and it is their duty. Let us respect, honour, and pray for them.

As a irreverent sidenote my friends, I just saw the crime rate statistics for Chicago in 2002. 648 murders!!! IT'S A QUAGMIRE!!! GET US OUT OF CHICAGO MR. BUSH!!! WHAT IS OUR EXIT STRATEGY??? WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE DON'T HAVE ONE??!!

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