01 February 2008

So my attention has been returned to the subject of a previous blog post:

Aforementioned Previous Blog Post

The "Huntin' Plastic" video in that blog post apparently fell into the hands of the Dave Ramsey Show, and I got an email from a Fox Business Network producer asking if "Everett" was interested in being a guest on the show. Debra and I have been laughing ever since. How funny! And apparently, I've been invited to be a part of an "awards show" later this month (I'm unsure as yet if it's the radio or cable TV show) because I was awarded the coveted "Best Plasectomy by Firearm" award.

Let me repeat that, for those of you who did not quite grasp the gravity and momentous awesomeness of it all. I have won the "Best Plasectomy by Firearm" award. Time for me to sit back and bask in the glow of that glorious achievement! Do I get a funny little golden statue?

If I get an awards speech, I am totally thanking Mikhail Kalashnikov.


The Angry Coder said...

Time for a hit counter and to sign up with google adspace or whatever. If they promo that, your blog is gonna get hammered, with a capitol $. $weet :D

Anonymous said...

You should charge them for your appearance. That's what Dave would do. Just enough to buy you a new fire arm or a nice vacation, oh, I don't know, say to the Bahamas. No wait, you could charge them enough to fully fund your kids college. I mean, now that will have a chitlin in the near future.

The Angry Coder said...

You guys are expecting? I did not know that. Congrats!

grk said...

Wow. Nic, er, Everett... my appreciation for you grows with every spent casing.

And, what does the Angry Coder mean by, "you guys?" Does he think you and Everett are, well, you know... close?!?

Indeed, congratulations. What a fine environment to grow up in.

The Unabashed Blogger said...

All I can say is that everyone in the US (who watches/listens to The Dave Ramsey Show) will once again believe that all Missourians are rednecks who own guns. Yes! Way to represent! Just kidding, some of us aren't rednecks..

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Well, at least I refrained from grumbling about the "Gubmint".

Unfortunately my accent does a number of evolutions during the video. On one outtake I had devolved into a terribly inappropriate Eddie-Murphy-in-Shrek accent.

Nic, who is actually Californian and promises his neck is only mildly suffused with a flushed rosiness, not replete with a rich crimson or burgundy, as this video might suggest