12 February 2008

I'm generally what you might consider to be a Microsoft-friendly sort of person. I don't have the same zealous animosity held by the Linux snobs, nor the undying, wrathful grudge held by the Mac-abees. I honestly like most of the MS stuff.

But I am royally tee'd off about Microsoft Knowledge Base article KB236621.

All I really want to do is keep Terminal Server users from clogging the system drive, by dumping huge email attachments into their Outlook Personal Folders. I thought a keen way to do it on our soon-to-be dedicated Terminal Server would be to move the Docs/Settings folder over to another drive, and let them save huge things to the Desktop to their heart's content.

This is a really, really rotten KB article. I cycled through the Registry making the prescribed changes, realizing halfway through what a dope I was for not exporting a copy, and there must have been well over a hundred entries. Changed every one of them. Then rebooted. Tried adding something to my Desktop, and it shows up under the System drive folder still.

So no apparent effect, but everything was changed to the E: drive in the Registry, so if I admit defeat, and wipe out the newly copied folders over on the E: drive, I have no idea what that will break. Honestly I really don't want to go back through the Registry and reverse every single modification I did...it may have been close to a thousand, it sure felt like it...but that may be my only option.

So, if you'll pardon my acronyms, right now I'd just like to say that Microsoft is a bunch of *DHCP* *RRAS*ing sons of *NAT*, *IIS*ing purveyors of *RDP*ed *HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE*, and they can jolly well *.NET* themselves with a stiff wire *CAPICOM*.

There, I feel better.

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