03 February 2008

Would it be much of a surprise to any loyal reader to see another batch of zoo photographs? No, not really.

I'm reasonably certain these are alpacas, not llamas.

A duck couple traipsing across the ice.

The previously photographed pair of donkeys:

I took about eight or so photographs of this non-domestic duck, in an effort to capture what craziness he was performing (note the domestic mallards in the background looking on with amusement). This was the clearest photo...he kept diving headfirst, kicking his legs up and making no small amount of racket. Very amusing!

A closeup of another previous subject, the crane with the broken beak.

The red panda was also very interesting to observe. After we walked up we saw him trot up near the fence, carrying something in his mouth, and he proceeded to climb the "tree", and there sat eating what appeared to be a biscuit of some sort.

Later he became very cat-like and started cleaning himself:

This exhibit had me comically nervous...the lazier of the two tigers was ominously crawling out of his usual log abode, and stretched out to a rather frightening height. He was very alert, and eyeing us suspiciously.

And after we saw him, the clincher was looking to our right and seeing his friend perched up on a tree, making eye contact with us, and looking ready to pounce. The photograph was blurry, for which I apologise, but one can understand the haste with which I took the images.

A zookeeper was tending the binturong, and had to bribe it to come outside with offers of food. Once outside it seemed to enjoy it somewhat, stretching out and walking about.

The kangaroos were again very close to the deck observation area, although they were more actively feeding this time.

A young kangaroo:

The gulls were more amusing than I can probably relate; in a previous post I had hinted of a henpecked (har!) husband sort of relationship between two of the gulls, and this one seemed to confirm it. The one off by himself up top is the husband, who remained quietly aloof and separate from the other two. The one in the middle kept up a racket of what could only be describes as aviary complaining...assumedly the abusive wife grousing (har!) about her no-good deadbeat gull of a husband. The one at bottom was the most amusing, with a deeper, more guttural honk of a call, who kept agreeing with the wife and making an awful row. I assume that was the mother-in-law.

I really ought to find out what sort of bird this is:

Here he is again, right before he raises his bill to attack the infidel human.

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