20 February 2008

Well to quote Mr. Fry, after filtering it for family readership, "flam, double flam, and an extra pint of flam for the weekend!" Well, perhaps that is putting it a bit harshly, but I am admittedly a smidge disappointed and feel I will certainly be disappointing the surging, reeling masses of my hysterically adoring fans when I confess that no, I did not get the chance to thank Mikhail Kalashnikov for his contribution to the shooting sports on live television. My brief interview on the Dave Ramsey Show on Fox Business Network went smoothly, I thought, aside from a ludicrous and unnecessary sense of nervousness. They move quick on TV, too fast for me to enact a graceful transition to the Everett character. Oh well, no matter, I talked to the Dave, and he shined his glorious debt-free countenance upon me. I wonder if I glow like Moses did coming down the mountain.

Comical yet inexcusable blasphemy aside, I'm looking forward to seeing the show, not to mention finding out who the People's Choice Award goes to. Allegedly it airs tonight at 7PM CST on Fox Business, but beats me if that really is the case.


Percussivity said...

My condolences on your recent loss. So do you have someone who can record it for you tonight? The only Fox channel I have at my house is the one which assaults our culture with mindless so called entertainment in the form of reality shows. It would be cool if you could get a copy and toss it up on your youtube site.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Oh, no worries, they are sending me a DVD copy of the show, at least.

I did hear (from a semi-stranger) that they saw a clip of my video used as an ad for fridays show, the other night! Woohoo!