06 February 2008

Fry 'et' Laurie once more:

Pass the Marmalade

Funny enough sketch that I feel the need to post the script (be forewarned, some language verges on the naughty):


(Stephen and Hugh are sitting at either end of a long table, having breakfast. Hugh is a woman, Stephen isn't.)

H: Could you pass the marmalade, darling?

S: What?

H: The marmalade, could you pass it?

S: You want me to arse the parlourmaid?

H: No darling, there's a pot of marmalade at your elbow, I want you to pass it.

S: A potty marinade in my dildo, have you gone mad?

H: Darling I want you to pass the marmalade.

S: (Amazed) You want me to fart the hit parade?

H: Pass the marmalade.

S: Smile at Roy Hattersley? You want me to smile at Roy Hattersley?

H: That doesn't sound anything like "pass the marmalade".

S: Roy Hattersley hasn't found anyone to pass the marmalade? You're babbling, woman.

H: No dear. I want YOU to pass the marmalade.

S: Roy Hattersley wants me to pass the marmalade?

H: No, I do darling.

S: An eiderdown? I'm not going to pass Roy Hattersley an eiderdown.

H: If you'll just listen!

S: He can get his own damned eiderdown like everyone else.

H: The marmalade dear, can you pass it?

S: Expecting people to pass him eiderdown as if he was someone special. No one's ever passed me an eiderdown.

H: Will you pass the marmalade?

S: No I will NOT go to bed with Les Dennis. Not at any price. I think you must be off your head.

(Hugh gets up, walks down the table and picks up the marmalade. Stephen buries his head in the paper.)

S: The Substantial Tide's Indebt smell by more quoits?

H: No dear, the Financial Times Index fell by four points.

S: Oh. Pass the marmalade will you?


Percussivity said...

Scratching my head on that one... yes I get the gag, but it was just a bit too British.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

I think it grew on me. At first I thought it was one of the duller of their sketches, but its the over the top acting from Fry that makes me laugh, reminiscent of his Gen Melchett character in Black Adder IV. "He can get his own damned eiderdown like everyone else." The actual gag itself is not particularly funny, perhaps its just the characters and the over the top silliness.