19 February 2008

There's this tract about the rapture of the saints in our house, and it has the most horrendous cover artwork I've ever seen. So much so, I decided I needed to blog about it here. Here is the cover in question, along with a shot of the back cover as well:

There's something about the guy on the front page that makes me think he's going to do the Little Lad Dance from this deranged Starburst commercial.


Chris said...

I'm pretty sure those are some Peter Ruckman drawings.

Whoa boy.

grk said...

not that I am to complain, but do we have to wear frocks? I think the lord has better plans than frocks. And what about the pageboys? Must we all have bangs? Is hair important? I am going to look pretty funny with bangs. And I'll, "look pretty funny eatin' corn on the cob with no @#%$#!& teeth!"
wait, that's different. Strick that from the record dear sir.