27 February 2008

Calling all musicians:

Here is my goal. Form a jazz/funk ensemble, name not as yet selected, develop a repertoire of songs, and then campaign to get the gig of playing at Jazzoo in 2009.


The most important piece here is that we would be able to write a song entitled "(If Loving You is Binturong) I Don't Want to Be Binturight".


Matt said...

I have an old alto sax I played in high school. I only ready music, never improvised, but if you want to make a project out of me I'm open.

Percussivity said...

I dabble

brandon said...

I am familiar with some folks at Jazzoo. The Roasterie participates every year. Let me know how serious you are and I will see if I can't get you in touch with the right person.