13 September 2007

Take the following ingredients:

1. High-interest Mastercard
2. 15lb seedless watermelon
3. Nine .32 caliber lead balls

Combine them abruptly at a rate of somewhere around 1100 feet per second.

What do you get?

A Dave Ramsey "plasectomy" demonstration video


Matt said...

I find myself finding more uses for my $2.99 28 oz bottle of sriracha sauce these days. What does this not go good on? Anymore it isn't that spicy to me. Well, the initial taste is a bit spicy, but after the third it doesn't have an effect on me. Just the sweet taste of chilis making everything taste amazing, all for a scant 5 calories per teaspoon.

I know you've probably found some more extreme uses for it, Mr. Chipotle Beer.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Honestly I have a single basic use for Sriracha...adding heat to asian noodle/stirfry dishes. I always add it during cooking, never as a condiment. What can I say, maybe I'm just not very experimental. I like adding it during cooking because I can spread it out, cook it in with the other sauces, etc. Whereas I'd be too cautious with it as a condiment...one bite its normal, next bite you get a bit pile of pasty Sriracha!!!!

Speaking of heat, I bought a couple canisters of pepper spray for our trip across the country (stopping in a few national parks...on the off chance we encounter bears!) and I've been mildly tempted to experiment with their culinary powers. I think I'm just rehashing a Simpsons gag when Marge becomes a cop and Homer uses her pepper spray on his nachos. Mmmmmmm nachos.

Sriracha is a great addition of heat, but you should also check out this stuff:


Thai Kitchen's Red Curry Paste. Oh my sweet lord, this stuff is fiery. Use it with extreme discretion. I've had myself nearly in tears over this stuff. Wonderful, but hot enough to easily weld softer grades of steel.