09 October 2010

Road Trip

Day One: Liberal, Kansas

So we're off on another roadtrip. We like roadtrips...they are expensive, sometimes monotonous, and challenging, and who doesn't like such things? We decided to increase the challenge a bit and take along a 2 1/2 year old.

Oh, and I also decided to invoke a beardomorphosis. Purely temporary, mind you, but you can see the varied stages below. I am fond of the "ear-tethered fu manchu" but Debra was not.

A road trip would be bland and pedestrian without last minute car troubles! First, we remembered at 10:30PM on Friday that the gas cap was reported stuck, so I went out to see...turns out it was cross threaded, and a locking wrench was necessary to get it free. One challenge past, we got some sleep, got up at 5AM and got off on our way, only to find our tire pressure low. Then we found out that a nail had damaged the valve stem and low pressure sensor, so we had to postpone departure and get this little bugger, pictured below, replaced at Walmart. After a healthy round of shaking my fist in futile rage at whatever goddam sumbitches conspired to lay nails across the road, we got off a couple hours later.

We had planned to have breakfast at the Matfield Green reststop McDonalds on the Turnpike, but we had lunch instead.

Gretchen discovered the virtue of ketchup used in concert with chicken nuggets.

Knute Rockne! ....died here apparently. Sad, that. Ah well. Knute! Knute! Knute!

Stopped for gas in Greensburg, Kansas, made famous by the movie "Twister". Some still-damaged trees around.

The Mid-America Air Museum in Liberal, Kansas:

This was an interesting exhibit of rubble from the Twin Towers. One could examine it up close. Nothing special, of course, but it almost has the feel of sacred relics or something.

An F-104 Starfighter:

One of the choppers they show on the intro to M*A*S*H, but they couldn't afford to actually record on set in the actual show.

Family in the HueyCobra:

Gretchen was not as impressed as I hoped but then again, she is a submariner at heart.

Actually she is a "doggie" at heart. Barking and crawling around in front of the SBD Avenger.

It's a fantastic museum.

One of the side effects of bringing along a small one is that bed times are rather soon in arrival, so I'd best wrap this up. Cheers, and shall likely post again tomorrow.

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JANEL said...

So sorry you had so much trouble with the car. Here we thought that driving a newer car would be better for you guys. Loved the narrative and the pictures. Do you think we will ever get G to smile when her picture is being taken? See ya on Wednesday for our big day.