10 October 2010

Day Two: Gallup, New Mexico

Slightly longer day today, started out with an actually quite decent "continental" breakfast. Continental in what sense? The European sense, as in prone to smelly cheeses and world wars? Or as in the Continental US? Do they serve these cold free breakfasts in Alaska and Hawaii?

But anyway, it stormed fairly heavily out of Liberal and most the way through the OK panhandle, but that didn't deter us from a quick stop for this photograph in Hooker, OK:

I'm not sure but it seems like they are playing off of some kind of double meaning here, or something like that. Maybe it's just my imagination.

Crossing into Texas, the enormous windmills. Texas pretending to be green by putting windmills right on their borders. Sort of like a meat market putting soy chicken substitute in its front window.

One of the things I have noticed is that the comic fodder on this trip has been significantly picked over...amusing, I hope, observations I would otherwise be prone to make have already yet been made, the last time we traversed this particular path three years ago. Ah well. The road signs are still amusing. In New Mexico:

Lights On For Safety! It's a fantastic little motto, like Hats Off For Cancer Awareness, or Knees Bent For Organic Farming.

As we sowed McNuggets, so did we reap. The semi-mountainous roads just outside Albequerque were a bit much for Gretchen and the poor girl offered up her stomach contents in oblation. So we had to stop in Albequerque and figure out how to clean up our daughter and our vehicle. Again, this is all part of the challenge that makes this "fun"! We're settled in Gallup, NM, on the other side of the state, and tomorrow should be a bit more fun with the Petrified Forest National Park and then the Grand Canyon.

Pretty country though!

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Percussivity said...

While I suppose this would depend largely on the quality of the initial chewing, chicken nuggets I imagine retain a degree of their nugget-like quality even after a spot of internal processing.