24 January 2008

Bono is a prat.

Now, of course you know by now that I wouldn't make such a tremendous accusation without reams of documentation and proof, so we'll start with a couple articles.

Bono confesses sins to 'father' Al Gore

I'll give him credit that even he can see his own hypocrisy. Shame that he doesn't notice that of Mr. Gore at the same time, though! But still, how silly. Another example of how comically religious this movement is, in stark contrast to their claims of pure, unadulterated science. Gore is the prophet, the saviour, and the high priest of the Church of Warmingism. Bono has sinned, but in his confession, Gore is faithful and just to forgive him his sin and cleanse him of all ungreenishness. But honestly, that is more just amusing, and a little endearing, given Bono's simpleton logic. But this is what got me fired up:

Bono meets Pentagon chief to discuss poverty

This particular story isn't big news...Bono has been doing this for years, flying all around the world and telling government officials to give more money in aid and debt relief to foreign countries. But reading this story had a somewhat revelatory effect on me, as the supreme arrogance of his approach became apparent. Who is Bono asking to give money? Bureaucrats, politicians, leaders, officials. Whose money is he asking for? Yours and mine, the money of the citizen taxpayer. He doesn't ask us, he asks those in power in the government, who don't really care because it isn't their money.

What would you say, if Bono waltzed into your local bank, and asked to see the manager. He then sits down with your bank manager, gives a sob story about the plight of other nations, and asks for your ATM PIN number so he can give some of your money to those foreign nations.

I think most people would find that to be outrageous and criminal; theft is immoral despite allegedly good intentions. Well, he's doing just that, except he's doing it on such a grand scale that most people don't notice or care. But it is STILL your money. Politicians and officials need to remember that they are stewards of our tax dollars and are responsible for managing them. The fact that they would sit down with a middle-aged rock star and give him an audience to entreat for that money, well, sounds like it's time to run them out of town on a rail (that time comes around every few years or so).

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