12 January 2008

It's Saturday. It wasn't snowing. By now, you should be expecting this post.

I'm giving our Canadian poultry friends a bit of the limelight this time...it only seems fair, since they are ubiquitous at the zoo (as is their solid waste, unfortunately).

This is not intended to be "arty", it's just a badly executed photo that managed to capture a good closeup of the red panda's whiskers. As it was slightly colder than last week, he was back to pacing instead of sunbathing. Probably keeps him warm.

The bonobos are ugly devils, I think when we rounded the corner we surprised them a bit, they wheeled round with a shock. It was rather deserted at the zoo today.

Other than mild annoyance at our presence, the Sumatran tiger just glowered at us briefly from inside his log abode before resuming his nap.

And the Binturong, who came out of his shelter to visit us. I think the animals were lonely today, so curiousity made them slightly more interactive.

He's stretching a bit here, you can see either his tongue or his gums protruding. Weird old bearcat, but we like him.

This is an interesting Australian duck. Not sure of the species, but you wouldn't care, really, anyway, right?

One of the black swans drinking from the waterfall:

And the seagulls. My assumption is that the one on the left is trying to sneak off down to the pub, hence the guilty expression and stealthy walk, and his wife on the right is on the moral and literal high ground, and will probably throw pots and pans at the louse upon his return.

Australian Singing Dogs...they were sleeping in the sun as we approached, but these are very wary animals, and as you can see they hopped to their feet as we approached.

Closeup of one of the dogs, after he determined we probably weren't there to spit their young and grill them in a rotisserie. Untrusting beasts, these are!

Probably the highlight of our trip was seeing the kangaroos at a surprisingly close difference, probably 10-15 feet.

It was hard to capture this with a still camera because it was so interesting to watch all their actions, as they scratched, rolled over, ate, interacted...it was just nice to observe them like this, in the peaceful silence of an all-but-deserted zoo.

The joey is on the left, here, completely sacked out in the sun.

This is one of my favorite pics, taken of one of the closest kangaroos to us. Just kind of propped up on his puny little arms. Watching these guys made us very cognizant of our own sleepiness.

The previously mentioned stubby legged goat.

This goat made me laugh. No horns, pure white, white beard, and perched in a very unusual way up on a box, he seemed like some sort of old Japanese karate master or samurai lord or something, meditating over something. I half-expected the other goats to bow to him.

I can never seem to get a good pic of the lemurs. So this is as good of one as I could manage.

The sea lion, basking in the non-existant sun that just went behind the clouds...

Also of the opinion that it is high time for a siesta.

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