25 January 2008

Smell is a powerful memory trigger. I was recently reunited with the guitar amp I've used probably more often than any other amp...it belonged to my church, and I was able to finagle it over for use in Midtown. To test and see if it still "had it" I plugged it in at home. After a few minutes of play, I detected a whiff of a certain smell that amp would give off; not a repugnant smell by any means, just a faint aroma of vacuum tubes working hard. I had never realized that vacuum tubes had a smell, but after I had gone for several years without regularly using a tube amp, it was a nice recollection.

My playing, especially after a long hiatus on the four-string, verges on the abrasive, sloppy, and raw (yet strangely funky?) so my apologies if it doesn't end up sounding like it, but this amp has great tone!

The following is childish, unfunny, and in very bad taste. You have been warned. Please skip ahead to the end of the post.

A thought occurred to me this morning. The German translation of "six eight" is funny and/or naughty sounding.


Percussivity said...

ROTF!! I had to use babelfish for that. At least it is a general term that could refer to any number of things and not all necessarily dirty... I mean even the Amish have to do one variety or other to continue the species.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Hahahaha, what a perfect setup:


"It’s very hard for you to believe isn’t it? It’s very hard for you to believe, that there are still some of us who can bring a child into this world without recourse to cannabis and government handouts!"

Percussivity said...

LOL!! Yeah that one was on the season 1 DVD. By the way I will bring it with me tomorrow if I remember.