07 January 2008

So my new computer is supposed to arrive tomorrow. New larger monitor, nice speakers, nice video card, lots of disk space, a dualcore processor and 2 gigs of RAM. XP Home (none of that Vista crap) preloaded. Topped off with Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty 4. I almost used a somewhat comical word here, that translates loosely to the pinnacle of nerdy enjoyment, but this is a family blog and my wife, who is a good judge of these things, wisely advocated restraint.

Speaking of mildly inappropriate things, this one almost defies belief:

Bootsy Collins - Be With You

Apparently he decided to make a Christmas song out of his funk classic "Rather Be With You". Something about that song remade with Christmas-themed background vocals ("it's Christmas tiiiiiime" sung through a vocoder, no less) again fits the theme of "so awful it's good".

Also be advised, I have not watched all the way through so I can't vouch for all its content. Given it is a Christmas song and it was recorded at a time when Bootzilla had grandchildren (if you can believe it) I assume it is clean, but I just listened to a minute of it, cackled madly, and then decided to post it here.

And while I'm not too heavily invested in tonight's game, in honour of my Cajun/Louisiana friends at KTOG.org, I'll be rooting for LSU.

Geaux Tigers!

Edited to add at 1:20PM:
Just a side note, perhaps "vowel migration" is responsible for the excessive vowelage in the French language, as in the above "Geaux". Assumedly the vowels immigrated from Wales, where the resultant shortage of vowels resulted in places with names like "LLwlaffn" and "Wysffytylln".


Anonymous said...

Family blog, eh? My curiousity is piqued, for sure, to know what term describes a happy geek.

And I can't watch the Bootsy Collins. I still haven't responded appropriately to the last one.

Percussivity said...

Did you have a geekgasm?

Oh and I gotta tell you... this bootsy infatuation you have is at best unhealthy.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

I'm not sure if nerdgasm or geekgasm is the better phrase...

Oh, and yes, if I show up with star-shaped sunglasses smack me upside the head, please. I do reserve the right to integrate envelope filter effects into the praise band.

Brandon said...

My Uncle recently bumped into Bootsy Collins in his shop, ReRuns (a shameless plug for the most extensive vintage clothing collection in the Midwest). I was fascinated to find out that Bootsy dresses in public the same way he does on stage. You've got to give him credit for his fashion confidence especially since he looks like one of the "protesting pirates" from Arrested Developement (episode #1).