27 January 2008

With good weather this weekend...well, you know the drill.

A pair of lorikeets being a bit matey. Well mostly, the one on the left looks like it's about to take a bite out of its accomplice.

One of the smaller alpacas.

The swan pond was equally populated with its intended species, as well as some opportunistic ducks. Interesting , the fountain was running, with a small melted circle around it.

A pair of the extra-stubby variety of donkeys.

In the duck pond, it was mostly frozen over as well.

Red panda up in the trees.

A first for this blog, a tiger exhibiting actual movement!

The binturong up close and personal.

Pardon the excessive glare from the snow (and my inability to compensate for it), this is an Aussie black swan perched on one leg with its head buried in its feathers.

We decided to check out Africa, even though it was officially closed. However, we were repeatedly dive-bombed:

Apparently the truth behind the winter closure of the Africa exhibit is that it turns into Canada. Geese swarmed the entire plains area and the pond. You can't fully appreciate from these pictures how many geese were out there (I didn't have a panoramic camera). Add to them hundreds flying over head, taking off and landing in multiple formations.

And of course, the lone swan, probably a bit pissed off at the canuck interlopers.

Another angle, again failing to capture how many of these birds were out there.

The first quasi-African animal we ran into was this bird; I forget its species.

The rock hyrax was out (well, sort of "out"), peeking from its fissure in the stone wall.

And surprise surprise, the lions are out! Nothing but a moat between us and them. Here's the alpha male exhibiting contempt after I said "there's a nice kitty-kitty!".

One of his many female...uhhh...contemporaries.

Here's the whole crew. This picture fails to capture the fact that seconds after it was taken, each and every one of these lions turned to look directly at Debra and me. I mean, with intent...the closest human was probably at least 100 yards away down the road. They looked like they wanted to eat us just out of sheer boredom. Needless to say we quickened our pace.

Lastly, a rather homely fallow deer. Couldn't get him to mug for the camera.

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