25 October 2004

Queen Edwards Promises Rioting If Bush Wins

Wow, if this isn't great. Elizabeth Edwards, responding to a Pennsylvania supporter voicing concerns about the occurence of post-election riots, said "not if we win." What a telling admission. So, if Kerry wins, no violence will ensue, but if Bush wins, look out for rioting! Liz Edwards will be leading the charge, setting fire to urban centers and hurling bricks! What a horrid thing for her to say...an implicit threat of violence on one hand (a vote for Bush is a vote for rioting), and an admission of the difference between Republicans and Democrats on the other. Do Republicans riot when we lose? No...that's a fundamental difference. We don't glorify angry hate speech of protestors. We don't view vitriolic slogan-shouting to be a worthwhile use of free speech. The Democrats have Al Sharpton, a bigoted hatemonger who has stirred up a few riots in his day, and we have mild-mannered George Will. I mean, look at the differences...I'd say we handle anger a little bit better than most of our liberal counterparts. Newsflash, nutjobs: the Sixties are over. The self-righteousness of the average modern protestor is quite a turn-off. There is an arrogance there, as if the protestor has something so much more worthwhile to say than anyone else, that they must go to Washington to preach their message on the steps of the Capitol. I write my political thoughts on this blog, which goes mostly unread admittedly, but I don't go out on the streets and chant at people. People are welcome to read my humble musings here, but I would never choose to force them onto people. That is the difference. It's the in-your-face, I-am-woman-hear-me-roar, sixties mentality. The self-assured arrogance of the protestors makes me want to vomit in a style reminiscent of "Team America". Actually it seems a perverse mingling of the sixties mindset with the punkrock mindset...flower power without the love. Very hateful people out there. I can respect passion and zeal, but channel it, and use it for good, not for hatred, violence, and bitter division. You want to talk about Bush not being a uniter? Lord knows he tried (all sorts of Democrat issues like education and health care), but the far left of this country has spat in his face every time.

But back to Bets Edwards...wow, what a quote! No riots, I promise, if we win. But if we lose, there will be hell to pay! WE'LL RAZE THIS CITY TO THE GROUND!!!

The Democrats have long claimed to be the loving compassionate party. Today they are a far cry from that! I've never seen such vitriol and spite fueling an election. I'm no Kerry fan, but I'm not about to start firebombing the metropolis if he wins.

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