10 October 2004

Hats off to Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

I saw a sneak preview of their Team America movie, to be released this coming weekend. What can I say, I've not laughed at a movie so much in quite some time. Wonderful, absolutely immature, and a rare crack at the sacred cows of the celebrity world. Sure to piss off some people in high places in Hollywood, undoubtedly. I would say this movie cracks its way into my top ten comedy films of all time, definately. And as another caveat...those with tender sensibilities or an aversion to the traditional violence, profanity, and sex of standard issue action movies, you'll want to avoid this one too. It does a good job of being offensive in every way possible. And antiwar liberals might come away a bit offended too by the general message of the film. Sean Penn already dashed off a bitter memo to the creators, who no doubt savoured getting that reaction. Anyway, it is nothing short of brilliant as a parody of cheesy action films, and pays a good deal of homage to its Thunderbirds roots...unfortunately few people in my age bracket ever saw much of the original Thunderbirds, which no doubt makes it funnier for me. The music is hilarious and well done, and the cinematography...wow...it should win something for that alone. And Kim Jong Il, he was absolutely divine. "How you rike that, HANS BRIX!!!" And of course, "I'm So Ronery".

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