05 October 2004

Hmmm...after reading a shocked reviewer's musings on "Team America"...well, let me just say it may be a lot worse than the mild but humorous trailers make it out to be! Being a fan of the hilarious yet outlandishly profane South Park movie, I'll probably still enjoy it (curse my jaded ears!) but I don't think I'm going to go and recommend it to one and all! These are the same guys who brought us Terrance and Phillip's spirited chorus of "Shut Your ******* Face, Uncle ******", the love triangle between Satan, Saddam Hussein, and that Chris guy, and the episode where Cartman dons a speedo for a NAMBLA conference. I mean, this is sick stuff...so caveat emptor.

But Kim Jong Il singing "I'm So Ronery"? I can't miss that.

Anyway, on with political tidings...the depressed Left finally did get a shot in the arm. Kerry and his minions are crowing with joyful fervor because, basically, Kerry didn't say "umm" as much. Here is Bush's problem. Most still side with Bush on the substance of the debate...nobody wants for us to have to submit to the UN's "global test" in order to defend ourselves, except the fringe lefties. However, in "style" Kerry won. Bush was unacceptably irritable, and probably tired from a long day of travel and duties. He spent the day with hurricane survivors...you and I would be worn out too, emotionally if not physically. The problem is people who care about substance have already made up their mind. The people who are still out there calling themselves "undecided" are the morons and ignoramuses who don't deserve the right to cast a vote, in my wild and ranty opinion. And they don't care about the substance, they care about who looks better, who speaks with more articulation, and who has the best "impression" on them. Not what they say, but how they say it. That is why debates are all about style and not about substance, because the only people who could be swayed by them are the imbeciles who fancy themselves to be great independent thinkers, when all they are is daft "useful idiots" floating along bereft of any core philosophy of government, susceptible to any pandering tossed their way in exchange for a vote.

But tonight, things might go differently. Certainly no undecideds really care about the veep debate, but political buffs definately are geared up for this one. Edwards is the trial lawyer, the Lionel Hutz of the Left. Prepare for the "George Bush runs over innocent puppies with a wheat harvester for fun" argument. Cheney on the other hand is entirely capable and coherent, a very bright man. As I have oft said, Edwards is the yapping shih'tzu to Cheney's bull mastiff. Edwards thinks he can run circles around Cheney, but Cheney has that slow, patient power and command of the situation. A great matchup to be sure.

Who is this Edwards guy anyway? What a used car salesman, his phoney plastic smile annoys the hell out of me. You want this guy, a junior Senator with no other experience outside of trumped-up lawsuits, to be vice-president? A single bullet or aneurism away from leading the most powerful country in the world? What industrial solvents have you been inhaling???!!!

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