30 April 2004

Today's Order of Business: Three Salient Hypocrisies of the Left.

I. Bush's Mental Capabilities

There are two quite contradictory images painted by liberals of the President. In one he is pictured as a machiavellian evil genius bent on world domination, an abominable adversary of all that is good in this world. In the other, he is a child-like, feeble-minded nincompoop who couldn't tie his shoes without a diagram. Pick your fantasy, you crazies...

II. No Blood For Oil

One of the greatest cries of the AntiWar Left is "no blood for oil", implying that the Iraq war was made up by Bush and his oil-industry buddies from Texas, in order to enrich themselves. Let's examine reality for a fleeting moment, shall we? The liberation of Iraq opens much oil for export to the US. What will this do? Naturally drive the cost of oil down, its simple economics. The domestic oil tycoons will take a huge hit with this new competition. The American consumer will be enriched by lower gas prices, and Bush's Evil Oil Buddies will be hit in the wallet. Also, consider the *allegation* that Bush made a deal with the Saudis to lower oil prices. If he were out to pad his wallets through the oil industry, tougher competition from the Arabs is not going to do it...

III. Fragile Mother Earth

To the kook-environmentalists we are but one species in a great Circle of Life, a small piece in a great and majestic cycle. To them, we are very small and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, only a well-developed sort of animal, really. But then, they show the unadulterated, ridiculous arrogance to claim that we are capable of destroying this planet. We, this tiny bit of bacteria who thinly populate the dry surface of the Earth's crust, are capable of destroying the universe by using too much aerosol hairspray. The facts are that the recent eruption of Mt Pinatubo put out more air pollution than the entire human race has ever done so in its entire history.

I would add a fourth notable one, regarding the fallacy of the incomplete application of moral relativism, with a specific example of gay marriage, but that would warrant a full post or two...I can go into depth. It will have to wait until next week.

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