19 April 2004

Good weekend for Israel...bad one for Hamas.

Glad to see that Rantissi was duly "offed". The comic irony of it all was, three weeks ago, following the strike that ushered Yassin into paradise, all Palestine was in an uproar, vowing swift and bloody retribution for the assassination of their malignant terrorist god. Cut ahead three weeks, and instead of being stronger or avenged, Hamas has been decapitated. This makes their vows of even more severe retribution less plausible. They were reeeeeeeally mad before, when Yassin was killed. They couldn't pull anything together, so just because their REEALLY REEEEEALLY mad now, doesn't mean they'll have more success. For the sake of innocent civilians let's hope not.

For those concerned about regional peace: though it may not seem like it, I am too. The only way for there to be peace is for one side to win. For the Palestinians to win, Israel must be destroyed, conquered, and turned into an Arab state...the Jews driven into the sea. There are moderate Palestinians who wouldn't require this to accept peace, admittedly, but the ones who do are setting the agenda here. For Israel to win, its enemies (Hamas, Al Aqsa, PLO, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, Intifada, etc.) must be destroyed or neutralised so they can no longer kill Israelis. Israel would no doubt accept a neighboring Arab state of Palestine. It just cannot accept one that harbours terrorists bent on the murder of Israeli innocents.

Which one is the better scenario for you? If you really want peace, you'd have to accept one of these. Whether Islam is a "religion of peace" or not, its deranged Jihadis in Palestine are at war with Israel...their will is set, and only death can break it, to borrow a nice line from Tolkien. If death is the only thing that can stop these terrorists from murdering civilians, it seems an unfortunate but necessary prescription. This is why I support Israel.

A humorous little blurb from the news reports I'll paraphrase...a Hamas leader to succeed Rantissi "has been appointed but not announced". Yes, these courageous Jihadis are as bold as lions, aren't they?

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