14 April 2004

A pet peeve of mine: "Mister Bush"

My wife astutely observed this phenomenom a while back...how not only the Bush-hating fanatics, but also the allegedly neutral media insist on referring to our president as "Mister Bush". I never recall our former President being referred to commonly as "Mister Clinton". He is PRESIDENT Bush. You can call him Bush, President Bush, George Bush, Mister President, or even Dubya for all I care, but the sour-faced, deliberate disrespectfulness [oft thinly veiled as reverence, making it an even fouler crime] epitomized in the phrase "Mister Bush" is very unbecoming of any American.

Now, "Mister Kerry" is appropriate. He is not the president. "Monsieur Kerry" might be more apropos actually...

On a side note, looks like (from Drudge's initial report) Air America is bombing predictably. So sorry Al!!! Down the tubes you go...hehe. Liberals should stick to publicly funded radio (NPR) because they are selling a product almost nobody wants or cares for...the only way to get their funding is to swipe it from the pool of taxpayer money. Although Franken, often mentioned as being a "comedian", is more and more becoming the joke himself. His slavish attempts to degrade O'Reilly by imitating him echo the less mature moments on the playground of an average American elementary school. What a squalid, overgrown baby...a pitiable creature.

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