19 March 2004

Welcome back to this bastion of Neufobabble.

Two more ace articles by Krauthammer and Coulter this week, although if I recall correctly, last weeks Coulter column was exceptionally good.

If anyone else caught Mel Gibson on Hannity's radio show, wasn't it just fantastic when Mel basically asked Andy Rooney to step outside? And his repeated conjecturing on whether he "has a pair"...I was laughing pretty hard.

We bought a new LCD monitor. The world is grand, and the gods of Best Buy financing have smiled upon me. No more CRT monitor for me. Goodbye, you vicious cathode ray tube bastard! Good riddance...it was flickering and going out, finally.

Pardon my uncharacteristically off-colour language there...reminds me of a terrifically funny scene from John Cleese's "Fawlty Towers", that probably none of you (...none of who???) have seen, so I shan't try and replicate it.

Well, one more day of the grind to get through this week. No more gibbering for now, I'm entirely unfocused and without insight.

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