24 March 2004

IDF Stops 16-Year Old Bomber

This is really sad...I'm not one to usually get emotionally entangled by the news...on the contrary, my oversaturation and absorption of newsmedia has made me quite detached, but this one got to me. Here's a kid, a schoolkid, who was given the equivalent of $23 to go blow himself up in a murder/suicide at the promptings of some very hate-filled men who are too gutless to attempt it themselves. He admits to being motivated by the promise of virgins in paradise. But he couldn't do it, he didn't want to die. I'm glad he lived through it, but these people, they are still people, they aren't all homicidal maniacs. Some of them are just horrendously misled. These manipulators, these gutless prompters of such egregious sins, they assuredly have an especially welcome bit of real-estate in an eternal hell. Future President Talbert and I once had a discussion along those lines, on how God must reserve a special place in hell for those who lead others there. Good riddance, Ahmed Yassin.

Perhaps it was the pictures of the boy looking terrified with a bomb strapped to his waist, or his words "I don't want to die, I don't want to blow up." What devilish bastards would be so lacking in courage, honour, or decency to send children off to violently murder themselves while they hide behind bodyguards and political organizations?

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