02 March 2004

Well, I've been struck by somewhat of an epiphany. Listening to the gloriously lofi bootlegs of The Banter Curry Sails, I hear enormous potential. I've been struggling for some time (literally years) to find some effective outlet for my creative musical side. Praise bands are fun, and an excellent opportunity to serve the Lord and the church body...but (don't consider this a criticism) there is very little room for expression, improvisation, spontaneous creation, or the wonderful dynamic chemistry that happens between musicians whose brains are operating on the same wavelength. One could debate forever the virtues of instrumental music, so I won't go into it. Honestly, for me, its better to place "the message" into acoustic songs, because wild full band rock songs usually are rendered with fully unintelligible vocals in live situations, anyway. Acoustic songs have been my modus operandi for a good long while now...I had decided to can the electric thing completely. Only problem, doing the solo thing, I don't dig my voice enough to use it. So nothing developing there, yet. Lot of songs written. But for now...my job is to court new members for a newly reformed DEEP-FUNKTI-FRIED psycho-fusion-groove-rock group. I've got specific people in mind...all us old married non-student people don't hardly got the time though. Its not as easy to form bands when you are in the "real world", take my word for it, college/HS punks. For us, spending time with our wives/families and paying the mortgage or rent are the priorities...music has to wait.

But for now mah chilluns (that's Eustace creeping back in), why don't you all go download some Banter Curry Sail bootlegs, alright? Let's bring down Nate's server (space on which was most generously donated) with an orgiastic excess of downloading traffic, eh? Heh, yeah right. Follow the link and get down wich yo' groovy selves:


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