26 March 2004

NASA Plans To Fly Jet 5,000 MPH

Very interesting article. Of note:

"The Department of Defense is developing a hypersonic bomber that theoretically could reach targets anywhere on Earth within two hours of takeoff from the continental United States. The earliest such a plane would enter operation is 2025."

We live in by far the most advanced, most powerful, and most freedom-oriented nation on Earth. I count it a tremendous blessing to have been born here!

A Side Note: I have yet to decide on another language to pursue. So many interesting ones. Latin? It bores upperclass schoolchildren, but I was never forced to learn it, so why not? German? I've spent many years studying it, might as well finish it up and get fluent. Dutch? Half German, half English...its the perfect third language for me! Quenya? Another dead language...but I daresay more interesting than its failed cousin Esperanto.

Maybe I could just learn Finnish and be done with it.

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