31 March 2004


Fallujah is the "graveyard of Americans"? If we were ruled by more decisive and impassioned men, Fallujah would indeed become a graveyard. But unlike the favoured former regime of these stunted little savages, we do not suppress evil men with blanket reciprocity. I admit, if I were in command today, Fallujah might now be a smoldering ash heap smelling faintly of napalm residue.

I'm painting an unflattering portrait of myself here...posting only commentary on news items that are so repugnant that I respond in heated passion and, some might say, apparent savagery. People just don't understand terrorism very well in this country. I'll leave it at that I suppose.

You've got videotape of these cretins mangling American bodies. Identify them and execute them publicly, one at a time. At least its more fair than my initial carpet bombing thought.

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