24 June 2008

Sometime in the last several weeks, my wife was taken off bedrest for a period of three days...after which she was abruptly (perhaps a poor choice of words) put back on. But we did manage to take a trip to the zoo, thanks to a wheelchair we borrowed. Owing to my huffing and puffing behind said wheelchair, I didn't take as many pictures, but here are a handful.

First, the red panda, with a somewhat amusing amount of fur sticking through the bars.

Another one curled up on the ground below.

The orangutan adult, nearly as interested in the exhibit of humans clustering about as the humans were in him or her.

And a juvenile orangutan.

Some sort of Asian deer...

"...I don't want to be binturight."

The kangaroos seem to "park" at a distance away from the paths and viewing areas that is directly proportional to how many visitors are at the zoo that day.

And some geese and ducks in the Australia exhibit, assumedly visiting from the Africa/Canada exhibit.

I believe this is a monitor lizard. First time I've ever seen him out.

One from the top angle:

And lastly, some specimen of African barbeque:


The Unabashed Blogger said...

I have a video from the KC Zoo of a chimp pooping and then picking it up and smelling it. It's pretty funny, I'll have to show it to you sometime...

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Yeah, the chimpanzees there are, shall we say, gross. The last time we bothered to go over there and see them, we weren't sure if they were all just really interested in the smell of each other's posteriors, or if we were witnessing some sort of sickening tantric orgy.

The gorilla is probably my favorite of the primates there, because of his thoughtful expressions. Very interesting to watch.