25 June 2008

First, as promised, the Heil Baby photo. Gretchen has a peculiar habit of extending her arm outward in the fashion of the old Roman (later Nazi) salute. Please forgive the moustache.

And on the subject of the Hitlerian brush moustache, I feel rather like posting a video clip of another person that sported the style, long before a bloody world war made it symbolic of maniacal evil. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in Way Out West, singing "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine"...their comedy was a favourite of mine growing up, and remains so.

The Duet


Percussivity said...

Even back then senseless violence permeated the film industry.

For myself I was a fan of the admitedly baser comic stylings of the Stooges.

The Unabashed Blogger said...

LOL! Nice picture! It'll be great to pop into the picture slide for graduation and wedding!

Have you thought about that?! The girl's parents have to pay for the wedding! What a crock! (after our own that is!)