26 June 2008

The Heller case ruling was announced today.

Needless to say I am elated.

If I had a Third World understanding (or lack thereof) of gravitational pull on projectiles, I'd go out and rattle off a 30 round magazine into the air to celebrate.



Percussivity said...

The truly sad thing is that we are patting the justices on the back for simply being able to read and understand plain English. I mean if the Second Amendment read like today's tax code, then sure lets increase their pay 10 fold and dub them supreme court geniuses, but my 9 year old daughter could have figured this one out.

Either way I am with you in shooting celebratory projectiles into the air with the blissfully naive assumption that they will simply burn up upon reentry or give the finger to Newton's law and just stay up there indefinitely.

Percussivity said...

Oh and the absolutely TERRIFYING thing is that this was a 5-4 ruling. That means that 4 of our Supreme Court Justices feel that the 2nd Amendment [to the Constitution] is unconstitutional.

The Unabashed Blogger said...

"Democratic Mayor Richard Daley, called the ruling "very frightening" and predicted more violence and higher taxes to pay for extra police if his city's gun restrictions are lost." Riiiight, like most law abiding citizen's who own guns and are going out buying the guns are going to be the aggressors that cause I raise in crime. Maybe they should go ahead and raise taxes to pay for more police so that they can actually focus on cutting crime down now. Why wait?